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The stage has been set for two opposing legal teams to argue their case before the state supreme court in Your State, USA. A very large grocery store chain, Fine Foods, has asked that their employees get vaccinated or face termination of employment.

The stage has been set for two opposing legal teams to argue their case before the state supreme court in Your State, USA. A very large grocery store chain, Fine Foods, has asked that their employees get vaccinated or face termination of employment.

Deliverable 7 – Data Presentation and Data Fact Sheet

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    • Explain the use of data sets.
    • Determine audience needs for effective data visualization.
    • Compare various visualization tools.
    • Evaluate the presentation of data using editorial thinking and communication.
    • Translate quantitative and qualitative data into appropriate visualizations.
    • Evaluate how visualizations are used to capture actionable insights and address business problems.
    • Student Success Criteria
      View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.

      The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on communities around the world. The impact has been felt in healthcare, economic, business, government, education, and social areas. It has put people at odds over vaccines, placed local government policies against federal policies, and beliefs versus medicine. Some may say the world we are living in is full of chaos over this situation. Businesses are demanding that employees get vaccinated or face termination of employment. This has led to a situation where the legality of getting vaccinated has reached the state courthouse in Your State, USA.

      The stage has been set for two opposing legal teams to argue their case before the state supreme court in Your State, USA. A very large grocery store chain, Fine Foods, has asked that their employees get vaccinated or face termination of employment. The company argues that as a supplier of goods and services to government entities, Fine Foods must follow vaccine guidelines set by Your State, USA. The Grocery Union
      Workers of America is arguing that their members cannot be required to get vaccinated, and that this is against the law.

      For this assignment, you will choose a legal team, either Fine Foods or Grocery Union Workers of America (GUWA). Your role is a data analyst for the respective law firm representing the side YOU choose. The lead attorney has tasked you with extracting data to support their legal case for vaccinations. If you choose the Fine Foods legal team, you will support all employees getting vaccinated. If you choose the Grocery Union Workers of America (GUWA) legal team, you will support a person’s right to choose to get vaccinated and, of course, not lose their job. It is important for you to focus on your role as a data analyst and provide data. You should not try to present any actual laws pertinent to Covid-19.

      Your objective is to provide the lead attorney with data to support their legal position. This should include current and historical data in the following key areas:

    • Covid-19 Infection Rates in the U.S.
    • Covid-19 Related Deaths in the U.S.
    • Vaccine Effectiveness
    • Trends in Covid-19 Cases by Age & Gender
    • Risk factors comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated persons
    • Although this topic may be emotionally charged, your job is to present data-centric evidence which can be presented in court. Your data should be credible and convincing. The data links taking you directly to the relevant data are provided below in the Data Links section further down this page.

      Data Presentation (PowerPoint with embedded Excel charts)

    • Create a visualization story that covers the 5 key areas mentioned above.
    • Each topic should be supported with a dataset, a visualization, and a brief summary.
    • Use visualization tools such as Microsoft Excel to create the visuals.
    • Interpret the findings and capture key insights for the legal team.
    • Express your insights in simple terms that a jury pool would easily understand.
    • Identify a data set for each of the 5 key areas
    • Examine each dataset, then provide an explanation of why the dataset is useful and relevant
    • Create a visual for each of the 5 key areas
    • Write a brief summary expressing the key insights from each visual
    • Make a recommendation to the lead attorney as to what specific data points should be included in the closing argument.
    • Data Fact Sheet (Word Document)
      The legal team will need to refer to a list of facts supporting their legal argument. It will be used throughout the case to influence the jury in the opening arguments, proceedings, rebuttals, and closing arguments. Although this is a legal process, remember that you are a data analyst just presenting the facts based on your research. You will draft a data fact sheet in Word to be used as a resource. Your audience members include your supported legal team, opposing counsel, jury, and judge. Your Word document should include forward material that includes an introduction, addresses the needs of the audience, and explains the relevance of your datasets.
      After you have covered these items in your Word document, you will then provide a bullet point listing of facts. Additional visuals may be included in the data fact sheet, but all visuals must include a title.
    • Provide a background and introduction about the scenario.
    • Identify the needs of your audience.
    • Explain your presentation and the justification for the data sets you used.
    • Discuss presentation of data using editorial thinking and communication.
    • Devise a plan to effectively communicate with the audience (i.e., explain your communication goals).
    • Explain what makes the insight from the dataset actionable (i.e., actionable here means the case goes in your legal team’s favor).
    • Data Links
      The data links below will take you directly to the data sets you will need for this assignment. Some of the data is already curated into visuals that you can copy and use in your presentation. There are different views, and some of them have the option for you to download tables to Excel. You do not need to go to any other websites to search for data; it is all contained on the CDC website for this assignment. However, you are free to add additional content that you choose to research on your own.


    • The primary resource for this assignment is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Covid Data Tracker home page. It can be found at .

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